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About Us

Welcome to e-Seva Technology

Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures

Welcome to e-Seva Technology, a pioneering firm dedicated to building India’s largest network of last-mile retail outlets aimed at delivering essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, and a plethora of financial and educational services. Our focus is on reaching the unserved and underserved rural, semi-urban, and urban populations across the country.

Our Vision

In the intricate tapestry of digital services, e-Seva Technology stands tall as a catalyst for change. Established in 2020 by visionary founders Aman Kumar and Shilu Kumari, our mission transcends conventional boundaries. We aim to provide essential services while acting as a bridge that connects aspirations with opportunities. Our goal is to foster financial and digital inclusion in Indian villages, ensuring that no corner of the country remains untouched by the benefits of globalization and the internet.

Our Journey

The story of e-Seva Technology began with Mr. Aman Kumar, who in 2013, opened the first eSeva Kendra in his village. His aim was simple yet profound: to provide banking, utility, and other essential services to his fellow villagers. What started as a single center has grown into a nationwide network of over 25,000 online centers. This remarkable expansion is a testament to our commitment to digital inclusivity and our dedication to serving the community.

Our Mission

e-Seva Technology aims to act as a vehicle for the delivery of government, private, and social sector services to rural, semi-urban, and urban citizens. Our eSeva Kendras are designed to be one-stop shops where individuals can access a wide range of products and services. These centers are common platforms that integrate social and commercial goods, benefiting the population with both IT and non-IT services.

Our Impact

Our journey is not just about numbers but about the lives we touch and the futures we transform. By providing a seamless blend of technology and human connection, we are fostering a digitally inclusive society. Our eSeva Kendras empower individuals by offering them access to a multitude of services, right from financial assistance to educational resources, thereby opening up a world of opportunities.

Our Dynamic Team

At the heart of e-Seva Technology beats the pulse of a dynamic team of professionals. From tech experts to customer support champions and strategists, our team collaborates tirelessly to ensure the success of our mission.

Meet the Visionaries

Aman Kumar

Founder & CEO
A visionary leader, Aman Kumar is the driving force behind e-Seva Technology. His passion for leveraging technology for societal impact has shaped our commitment to innovative solutions.

Shilu Kumari

Shilu Kumari, co-founder, is a trailblazer committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Together, they lead a dynamic team dedicated to our mission..